We at Thomson Property are committed to achieving the highest price for you, whilst providing a unique personalized service that ensures the process is as stress free as possible.

As a Boutique agency we are able to guarantee individual attention from the one agent, which larger agencies struggle to provide. There are many benefits to this. It allows us to form a relationship with both you and potential buyers, based on trust. Familiarity with your property and expectations reduces missed opportunities or misunderstandings. Consistency at open inspections allows for a tailored approach to meet individual needs. In keeping with our guarantee of a personalized service, the agent you have trusted to list and sell your property will conduct all opens and negotiations on your property.

Our Agents Inspire Confidence

We encourage all potential clients to research our credentials. Our testimonials consistently include words such as ‘strong negotiator, ‘good listener’, ‘reliable’, ‘kept me informed’. It’s important to note that not all agents operate in this manner.

Our Sales and Marketing Campaigns are designed to achieve the best financial result for our clients. We take pride in our campaigns selling our clients property in a quick and cost effective manner.

The old saying ‘you only get one opportunity to make a first impression’ is so true. This is why we ensure the highest standard of photography. Whilst we offer a number of packages, we recommend you never compromise on photos. They are used on the web, brochures, the board and in print media. Quality photos are the key driver to getting people into your home.

The internet is now the single most powerful medium for selling real estate in Melbourne. Over 80% of our initial enquiry comes from the web. To ensure our web presentation is the best it can be we complement our photography with professional copywriters and include floor plans. Remember it’s the marketing that gets the buyers to the front door.

When selling, there are several other key points to look out for:

The Authority

The exclusive authority for a Private Sale is for approximately 65 days or for an Auction – no longer than 30 days.

Contracts & Section 32

When deciding to sell, it’s important that you engage a conveyancer or solicitor to prepare necessary documentation, prior to engaging an agent.

Commission structure

Remember the best agent is the one that gets the highest price, resulting in the most money in your pocket at the end.

Choosing An Agent

When choosing an agent – trust is crucial. Talk to them. If you don’t feel you can trust them, the rest doesn’t matter. Secondly, discuss the value of your property. At Thomson Mentone we provide meticulous facts and figures so you will have a true understanding of what your property is worth.  Real estate is not an exact science but the more research, the better chance of an accurate outcome. Your agent should have a clear vision of who the likely buyer will be, and build a marketing campaign around this.

The Thomson Mentone team achieves the results without losing the personal touch.